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Heritage Herbs • Jeanette Kozimor

Registered Medical Herbalist


Combining Iridology & Herbal Medicine
to restore & maintain good health

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  • ''...Jeanette combines Iridology & Herbal Medicine to prescribe what is right for you and your constitution..."




Iridology is a safe, painless, non-invasive method of gaining valuable insights into constitutional strengths and weaknesses aiding awareness of what can be done to restore and
maintain good health.

How I use Iridology

Over the years of practice I prefer to use Iridology as an indicator, enabling more accuracy & efficacy in patient prescriptions.


Examining the Iris

I use a torch and magnifier to examine the iris in magnified detail.
The circular and radial sctions of an iris each represent a different part of the body or an organ, together with corresponding metabolic and sytemic functions.

The Iris close-up

An example of an iris with Nerve rIngs:

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